I want to ride my bicycle! Well dese two chaps does!

Hi Efuryone Hawwy here

Now I has bin woofing wiv two pawsome hoomins Steve & Andy who are cycling 100km (62 miles) through de streets of London ofur nite on the 8th/9th June 2013 to raise money for The animal Health Trust

Andy and Steve
Andy and Steve

I caught up wiv dem both to find out a bit more…….

Hi Steve & Andy fanks fur doing de intervoo in de middle of yoo busy training schedule. Steve if I can start wiv yoo;

So how does yoo know Andy?

We are neighbours in Ipswich and we both share a love of the London sights and thought it would be great to take on Nightrider and give something back to the animal health trust in Newmarket. We both have family pet dogs who receive vital treatment at the AHT’s small animal centre.

Has yoo done an event like dis befur?

No this is the first cycling event we have ever done. We are complete novices to cycling in general! We have been training during the past year and are riding longer distances in order to build ourselves up to better fitness! We are both very much looking forward to doing the event but are expecting it to be tough! We have a start time of 23:45 at Alexandra Palace and hope to finish the 62 mile route by breakfast time the next morning!

Does yoo get a sore bottom being in de saddle fur so long? *giggles*

Ha! When we first started thinking about doing this crazy bike ride we got advice from some proper hardcore cyclists who advised us to buy the best pair of padded cycling shorts we could afford – we wouldn’t regret it.  They were right! We both went out and got some proper pants to make this as comfy as 8 hours in the saddle cycling 62 miles can be!

So tell me about Woody.

Woody is a beagle and is our family pet. When he was just 7 months old. He became very unwell and our local vets sent us to AHT where he was diagnosed with steroid responsive menningitis after MRI scans and spinal taps. He stayed with AHT’s Small Animal Centre for a total of 10 days and was very well looked after during his time there. All the staff were excellent and my wife and I received daily updates on his progress. Everyone seemed to share our concerns and really appeared to care about Woody as much as we did.


Wot happened next?

After a period of medication at home, Woody fully recovered and carried on as a normal beagle should! Without AHT’s diagnosis and treatment, Woody would not have got through it. In 2010 we were once again heading to Newmarket with Woody (now aged 7) for another MRI scan which revealed some degenerate discs in his spine. Some very delicate decompressive spinal surgery by the highly skilled vets took place the following day and Woody once again came under the same fantastic care of the whole AHT team for a week. Thankfully he had another full recovery until a minor relapse occured 6 months later, this time in a different place on Woody’s spine. After another MRI scan we were glad to be told by the AHT vets that no surgery was necessary and we were given a course of rest and medication.

How is Woody now?

Woody is fit and well and is genuinely only still with us due to the vets and team at AHT. He is a great dog with bags of character and a special member of our family. That is why I’m choosing to ride the 100km Nightrider for AHT.

Andy ofur to yoo next……..

So Andy, is der lots of people cycling fur AHT on de Nightrider event?

No, unlike a lot of charity events (ie – London Marathon) where many hundreds of people raise money for a single good cause, we are the only people supporting AHT out of around 2000 cyclists who are taking on Nightrider, so your donation means everything! Also, we have both funded our own Nightrider places so 100% of what we raise here will go direct to AHT!

Has yoo suffered fwom any aches and pains in training?

I play hockey quite seriously so quite fit but I do suffer with an occasional hamstring twinge.

Tell me about Chester.

Our Bernese mountain dog Chester first went to AHT aged 2 with eye problems and was diagnosed with having cataracts, but unfortunately due to the severity he went blind in one eye, but the staff at the AHT were really supportive and caring.  They kept reviewing Chester every 6 months as he had developed cataracts in the other eye, but the checks then became less frequent and eventually stopped as Chester’s remaining eye remained stable.


So what happened next?

My wife and I then noticed that Chester’s brother Barkley was not eating as well as he had been and due to the superb support the AHT had provided to Chester, Jo immediately wanted the local vet to refer Barkley to the AHT again for further investigation. The AHT soon diagnosed Barkley as having cancer of the lymph nodes – of course we were devastated with the news!  Barkley started receiving chemotherapy, but the doctors found that within 5 weeks Barkley had developed a further tumour in his lung and they felt it was best for treatment to be stopped and to let Barkley go home and live the rest of his life out in the comfort of his own surroundings.  The staff at the AHT were fantastic and we could telephone the oncologist day and night to ask for any advice. We will never forget the professionalism and friendliness of all involved and for the kind card we received when he passed away.


So why AHT?

Chester and Barkley are no longer with us but the AHT were so supportive during each of our dog’s illnesses and this is the reason we want to try and and give a little something back.  The AHT have recently opened a Cancer Unit at their Newmarket site and as Bernese Mountain dogs are prone to developing cancer we hope that our Nightrider charity bike ride will go towards helping this development.

I understand yoo are also running a competition.Yes, as a little thank-you to anyone donating to us via this Virgin Money Giving page, you will be entered into a prize draw to win the little dog gift box which has been kindly donated to us by Monster Pet Supplies. We will contact the winner of the draw via email during July after the event.


So der yoo have it pals. Wot an amazing fing dese two guys are doing. To find out more about Steve and Andy and follow der training and progress through the nite of the ride then use deses links here

Via Twitter – @Pedalling4Pets Via Facebook –

You can also get in touch on email –

And most impawtantly sponsor dem here

Lots of wuv

Hawwy xxx




Face of concern.

Face of concern.

Hello Hawwy,

I am worried about you n boss mum wurkin too hard so I has decided to take over your blog dis week n intervoo you fur a change as you been doin so much and I know how hard you has been wurkin cos we starts emails at 0630 in da morning and uvfur day we say nighty night at 1130pm and I am worried cos I know we is in chaos here at my house so we worrying about how you is managing since the launch of the website.

I has recently had problems wif followers finking I ignore em or not replying to my tweets and I has only got 900 followers so how on earth do you cope and keep everyone happy.

I know peeps fink we is bof awound a lot but fur you tis your job, albeit unpaid job at moment so I wanna ask you a few queshuns cos I fink your fwends n followers need to know a bit more about you and wot you are actually doing and how are you coping.

Right furst off how is da book sales going and is there likely to be a book two ?

Hi Bells. Wow ok me sitting comfortably. So book two! Yes der is gonna be a book 2 it is in the planning together wiv book 3 and book 4! Bet yoo nefur expected dat. Howefur, book 2 will not be launched until book 1 is established in de market. We is still hopeful dat some agent or publisher who not fink we totally crazy will see de hopportunity to support us and take us under der wings and help us launch pwoperly cos it does take so much time, effort and of course money and we ain’t no rich family fur sure!

How is the woofsite going?  Im loving my askbella page, I wish I could spend more time on it but everything I do online is unpaid n sumtimes mum has to haf da puter to twy n earn a bit of money wif her nails *whispers* hawwy how dus your mum manage is she wurkin, do you want sum of my markies fur you n Maggie, I worry about you .

De woofsite is going really well. people seem to wuv it and it will grow ofur time and become more interactive. Dat is de plan! I appreciate dat yoo and @angelthefurball are volunteering at de moment and I hope dat soon we might be able to start paying yoo fur de work yoo do. Mum is not wurkin at the moment due to her having been ill. Howefur de plan has been dat if my stuff takes off den dat will be her new job. Efuryfing we does we do unfunded at de moment. All proceeds fwom de book has gone back in to building woofsite etc. We wud not say no to sum markies BOL BOL BOL Howevfur seriously people can advertise wiv us which would help. It would be great to have a sponsor too.

Hows mums health I got a bit cwoss wif you the uvfur week wen you made her make da video fur you wen she was poorly, you is a bit of a slave driver wif you , I fink its time peeps realized how hard you work her. What would you do if she got a job, OMD wot would twitter do if she got a fulltime job that would be less Hawwy.

Mum ok. She takes each day as it comes and nefur efur moans about anyfing. She say dat while she has breath in her body she will keep going and der are always ofurs worse off and she is blessed to have what she has around her. Yes mum was quite pawly wen she did de video fur de anti bsl awareness fing. She wanted to get it done. She had made a pwomise and she was determined to see it through. She said she could rest after she had it completed. Well twuth is mum not here den der is no me here. She likes to monitor wot me doing and obviously a lot of de on-line work is done by here cos me paws too big.

I’m enjoying the videos you haf been making but I also know they take you at least 4 hours to make and sometimes I haf seen if someone says oh im not in it or wheres so n so you change it and redo it, Hawwy you cant please evfurryone please slow down .

The videos on average range in time commitment from 4 hours minimum up to a couple of days. Now peeps fink how so? Well by de time we get all de picfurs and sumtimes we get hundreds and hundreds. Den look through dem all. Den choose de moosic, de design and den fit de picfurs in and sort out timeing dat is hours and hours gone. Den is de test and test and test again to make sure it right. Convert de slide show or movie in de correct format den process and den upload and den tweet about it. After all dat yoo can see dat it is not a quick fing to be done. It hard to slow down it weally is. We gets so many emails each day askin fur help.

I know mums got a charity thing coming up soon that she has to prepare for , so you may not be around much is there anything your fwends can do to help you. I know wif squiggle RT helps her get her shop noticed what we can do to help you survive so we get you on twitter a bit longer and mum can perhaps just get a part time job instead of full time.

Well yoo and ofurs do a lot already but it would be great fur people to tweet about me and de woof site to tell der fwends about de book Help my dogs on Twitter.  Try to get de videos we do go viral cos dat way de charities or issues being hi-lighted get more cofurage. Anyfing weally anyone has de time to do is welcomed.

I know you got da sam fox intervoo coming up soon, what uvfur fings has you got in da pipeline *whispers* tis ok im not gonna blab you might get a menshun in a big newspaper soon.

Sssshhhhh……… Yes will be great to do de Sam Fox intervoo when she come back from Indonesia. Again dis intervoo is about de dangerous dog legislation and animal welfare. Watch dis space.

Was gweat to see you in the dog magazine uvfurday , shame you not in more fings like dat , wonder if any of your fwends could help wif dat.

I has approached ofur well known dog magazines but unlike Dogs Today dey has not responded which annoys me weally cos a simple no would suffice. I also sent me book off to a number of dog wuving celebrities and not one say fank yoo. Now me not expecting dem to say fank yoo but may der agent considering dey were sent limited edition copies. Sowwy jus makes me mad which is why no matter how famous me get me always take de time to say good morning and good evening to all me pals. So intervoo in dog magazines etc would be welcome.

I guess we shud all do our bit and start a help hawwy campaign, get your name out there go wider than our usual followers , wonder how you would get sponsers, dat wud be good if you had some sponsers or peeps advertise on your woofsite.

Fanks fur talking to me hawwy , I hope you has enjoyed your sort of day off fur your mums birfday. I luv hijacking your blog, in fact I has got a couple of other ideas id like to do on your blog but I need to update mine a bit first.

I love working with you and squiggle so much ,I haf to keep reminding myself its unpaid work and let mum haf the puter to do some real work & earn sum treat money. *giggles* Hawwy, is there anything else you would like to add or say. If not can we go down to play in your woods, I wanna see where granny threw the Frisbee dat did sound like big fun  , we go in a field with 1 tree and yep mum gets the ball on a rope in the tree every time, even if she isnt facing it.

Nope I fink yoo has cofured it all. Fanks Bells.

*gives harry a kiss* wuv you hawwy  and as shes going out the door shouts out ……………………………………………………by the way I’m comin back soon to intervoo the boss.

wuv yoo

Bella xxxxx