My Book Has Been Published!


Hi All, Hawwy here

Well how excited is I??????? My Book has finally been published and is available to buy! You can use de following meffods to purchase de book

  •  (available now on paperback and Kindle)
  • (available now on paperback and Kindle)
  • Through me for a Pawtographed edition which is not available in de shops or on-line email

De book is available worldwide but if ordering in UK make sure you use the website so it gets pwinted ofur here fur yoo to gets it quicker.

Here is an extract fwom de book fur you

“11:40 I has gathered some leaves and some sticks so fur and put dem in my bed. I is now collecting some plants too which are nice and muddy at de bottom.

 11:45 I has started to design my inside garden wiv an array of house plants.

11:50 Hoomin has come into me bedwoom and seen my changing woom design. I was quite impwessed by what I has achieved but she not. I no understand as dey have house plants so why I can’t do de same. Needless to say…… shouted at BOL

12:00 Giving up on being norty so gonna have a snooze.

13:00 Check Twitter account. Nuffin happenin”

Here is some photos of me wiv me book too!

My BookDSCF5450

Fank yoo to efuryone who has bought so fur. I needs more publicity as I only a humble spanner can yoo help me spwead de word? I need more followers on twitter too!

Fanks again and any pwoblems just email me

Wuv yoo, Hawwy xxxxx

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