Stars of my new book “Help my Dog’s on Twitter”

My BookDSCF5448

Hi All, Hawwy here

So my book has been published and you will see when yoo buy it there are some of my pals in there. So Fur those of yoo who have been wonderin who dey are and not seen de book yet I has introduced dem below. Dey did intervoos fur de book and has kept it top secwet until this week dey are my bestest pals and I wuv dem and can’t fank dem enuff fur doin this.

So let me introduce yoo to de Literary Crew


@stanleyhollett                                               @summerhollett (wuv of my life)


@humfthecocker (part of crooning canine group)


@Gilliana09 (dis her dog Brie who sadly no longer here)


@angelthefurball (she part of crooning canine group)


@Dog_Murray (he is special)


@Bestestgundog (Gunner is a workin dog he my hero)


@madmaggiemoo (she is my sisfur)


@Sandybridgend (he likes planes)

So der dey all are how handsome and bootiful dey does look. If youo want to know more yoo will have to buy de book!

Fur now wuv yoo all,

Hawwy  xxxxxxxxx

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